order your homecoming flowers!

Beautiful flowers make the evening. Design your dream bouquet yourself or you can have one of the Steele Orchid design experts work their magic. If you are ready to get started, just remember, there are no wrong choices when choosing your flowers. Enjoy the process; experiment, step-out of your comfort zone. Mix colors and textures. Discover new flowers, new combinations and new possibilities. If you have any questions during your design process, you can always message us or call one of our designers who will be more than happy to jump in with encouraging inspiration and thought-provoking ideas.

If you are not feeling the creative juices or have too much on your plate — just have one of our expert designers create your bouquet. The designers will need a few key details; the color of your dress, your style (are you bold, shy or dying to break out of your shell?) Do you have a treasured Pinterest board for your Homecoming inspiration? If yes, we’d love to see it! Together we will create Homecoming flowers you will love!

Order Your Homecoming Flowers Today!