shall we tattoo you?

If you are interested in learning more about custom floral tattoos simply give us a buzz at 610.721.0570 or drop us a note using the form below. We create custom floral tattoos via consultation only — let’s get started!

Embrace the latest fashion trend and discover your inner bad ass!

Steele Orchid is always looking for new and different ways to help you express your personal style through custom flower arraignments and we are excited to share our  creative take on floral tattoos with you!

If you are looking for a perfect statement piece to complete your look this season, skip the jeweler and give us a buzz. Our design team is busy at work creating fabulous works of art that will help you spring into the season.

Floral tattoos are the modern way to adorn yourself with flowers at special events. Gone are the matronly pinned corsages and wristlets. Floral tattoos are custom-created works of art worn directly on the skin via our tried and true process.

Our design team is creating floral tattoos to be worn on the arm, leg, back or shoulder. We customize our designs to perfectly fit your body, complement your outfit, and reflect the personal statement you are hoping to make at the event.

We design floral tattoos via consultation with you in advance of your event. When the big day arrives, we will apply the finished product (on you) just before your event.

Give us a buzz… and let’s discuss how we can create a custom floral tattoo for you!

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