Everyday Flowers

order  flowers for any occasion…

Fresh flowers add a special spark to our lives!

You don’t need a special occasion to order beautiful flowers! Creating a beautiful flower arrangement one of the best treats you can possibly enjoy —beautiful flowers make every event and everyday even more special.

While flowers may not solve all the problems in the world, we think a stunning floral arrangement makes every day a little brighter. The possibilities, like our creative options for you are endless. Steele Orchid challenges you to discover the power of flowers…

  • Add some sparkle to the average Wednesday night dinner with a show-stopping low profile table arrangement… your chicken tastes better already!
  • Need a special thank you for Mom? We love Moms, we know a lot of them and firmly believe, you can never say thank you to your Mom enough, trust us! A lovely arrangement of sweet flowers crafted by her baby will make her day — maybe she will finally get rid of that pinch pot you made in 2nd grade, maybe.
  • Welcome a new baby into your world with a beautiful bouquet created to mark their arrival. Step beyond the Baby’s Breath into a whole new world of unique floral imagination with Steele Orchid and create something to honor this new little bud.
  • Special guy in your life? Shake up the meadow and order him something unique that will rock his world… yes, Steele Orchid flowers can be manly.
  • Spread some cheer and remind that special person in your life that flowers are most beautiful after a storm…
  • Feeling creative? We can help you channel your creative energy for good. At Steele Orchid we understand you have a need to set a trend, blaze a creative swath through the meadow, let us help!

Order Your Flowers Today!

What will you create today?

Design an exquisite arrangement and remember; there are no wrong choices when choosing your flowers. Steele Orchid believes everyone has the ability to create beautiful flower arrangements and we are here to help you relax while enjoying the process.

Simply experiment while using the Steele Orchid app, step-out of your comfort zone and go beyond the same old flowers — mix colors and textures. Discover new flowers, new combinations and new possibilities. Our interactive and engaging app makes designing unique floral arrangements a creative experience. If you have any questions during your design process, you can always message us or call one of our designers who will be more than happy to jump in with encouraging inspiration and thought-provoking ideas — there are no wrong answers when designing for yourself.

At Steele Orchid we believe in the power of you!

Sometimes creativity is more of a collaborative process — we love to bounce ideas off each other too. The beauty of Steele Orchid is that when you are not feeling creative or you know a few key details of what you want you have the option to let one of our expert designers create your arrangement. The details our designers will want you to share is the occasion for your order, color(s) and vibe you are going for.